The Alaevs


Allo Alaev has deep roots in the music of Tajikistan and the Jewish music of Buchara. Allo Alaev, a great master of percussion, took up the Doyra (a frame drum with metal rings inside), at an early age. He made rapid progress and was soon appointed the first percussionist of the folk Opera Company of the Tajikistan capital Dushanbe where he toured and performed for 50 years.

Allo Alaev composes pieces for percussion, manages playing on up to 9 drums at the time and has forwarded this dance- percussion virtuosity to his children and grand children.
The entire Alaev f
amily emigrated to Israel in 1991. Allo accomplished to continue the tradition in the family and has made this ensemble well known to all Israeli families, by numerous TV programs –host shows and continuous concerts in Israel and abroad.
An ensemble of three generations of virtuosos perform together on stage and create a happy feast of colors and music, where rhythms are dominant. The presence of the younger generation makes this a true cross over from the old to the new.


(From The Alaev Family Website)