The Filmmakers


Tal Barda & Noam Pinchas


Tal and Noam are both renowned Israeli filmmakers, but out of all places, they first met in India. The very next day they shot a spontaneous short documentary in Delhi, and they have been working together ever since 2008.
Over the years, Tal and Noam have directed and produced numerous documentaries which have been screened and broadcasted worldwide.

They are the winners of Best Pitch at the Greenhouse Film Program, grantees of the Tribeca Film Fund and have won second prize and best editing prize at Doc Challenge 2009. Tal and Noam share the same passion for character driven storytelling. They are dedicated to tell compelling stories that place engaging, humorous and strong protagonists at their Centre.

Noam's previous films as a director include: 'Hummus Curry', 'I saw Giraffes in India' and 'The Optimist and the Buddhist'.
Tal’s debut documentary is titled 'A heartbeat Away', produced by Emmy award winner Dan Setton.



Directors: Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas


Producers: Christine Camdessus, Serge Gordey, Bruni Burres, Noam Pinchas, Tal Barda


Produced with the support of:
Channel 8 Israel, Rabinovitz Film Fund Israel, Gesher Film Fund Israel, The Israeli Lottery Film Fund, Arte France, CNC France, IKON Netherlands, Tribeca Film Institute.


Screenplay: Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas


Cinematographer: Uri Ackerman


Sound: Asher Dahan


Editor: Yael Bitton


Sound Designers: Gil Toren, Yossi Apelbaum


Graphic Design and Animation: Uri Ashkenazi


Grading: Tomer Bahat


Cast: Allo Alaev, Adina Alaev, Ada Alaev, Ariel Alaev, Malka Alaev, Amin Alaev, Alan Alaev, Zvika Alaev, Amir Alaev, Aviva Alaev, Amanda Alaev, Avraham Alaev